Machine automation in the solar industry

Intelligent solutions for optimum control of production machines

Many different process steps and automation requirements must be considered in solar glass manufacturing. For example, cutting and drilling glass is performed using laser technology, plus absolute uniformity is essential when applying coatings such as anti-reflex or metallic coatings. Therefore, control mechanisms must meet high requirements for speed, precision and process control. The continuous quality control of each production step is as important as an integrated process and high-precision machines.

The modularity of Totally Integrated Automation allows existing production concepts to be easily modernized and adapted to future requirements. Open interfaces and bus systems simplify the connection of individual components as well as the intelligent integration in upper level production planning and warehouse management systems.

All Siemens’ systems are completely integrated and distinguished by their modular design. The complete harmony of all products has unique advantages, including user-friendliness, scalability, efficiency and cost savings.