Factory Automation in the Solar Industry

Integrated Solutions for Linking Process Steps of the Solar Production

Within one production line there are often used systems and solutions of different manufacturers. Each machine supplier offers his own automation solution. In many of these facilities it is necessary to transmit and exchange production data from different sub-areas over wide distances and over system networks. However, this often results in additional costs.

Therefore, an additional goal of many facility operators is to centralize production and evaluation of operation data from different stages of the value-added chain. This is particularly challenging in automation environments that are not integrated.

With Totally Integrated Automation and Totally Integrated Power, Siemens provides the perfect systems for creating a harmonious and integrated automation landscape. The two open system architectures for automation and energy distribution provide the perfect interaction of all automation components and lower level systems in a facility.

Whether you would like to automate an individual system or an entire integrated section of your facility, our highly flexible solutions are designed to help you benefit along the entire value-added chain. A partnership with Siemens offers you everything you need for successful system operation from a single source. We will support you worldwide throughout the complete life cycle of your facility — including planning and commissioning, service, diagnostics, and repair.

In addition to our comprehensive automation portfolio, we offer integrated system solutions for numerous industries that include water technology, energy supply and building automation.

Working closely with you, we achieve a completely integrated automation landscape — one customized to your specific needs that will reduce your costs and optimize your processes.