The complete solution for solar tracking applications

Tracking control in PV and CSP facilities

The Solar Tracking Control System from Siemens is the universal solution for dual- and single-axis solar tracking systems. It controls movement in azimuthal and zenithal directions, independent of whether the requirements are for a photovoltaic (PV) or a concentrated solar power (CSP) facility.

The modules or mirrors are optimally aligned with the angle of the sun's rays to constantly optimize solar energy regardless of the sun’s position. Our SIMATIC S7-1200 control unit and special software jointly control the duel axis tracking of a solar unit. These solar tracking systems have up to a one-third higher energy yield than stationary PV system — depending on the intensity of the sunlight at the installation site because the closer an installation is to the equator, the more efficiently the PV tracking systems operate.

Applications in concentrated solar power and concentrated photovoltaics require the precise tracking of solar units to focus sunlight on the target medium.