Siemens solar inverter

The first choice for your solar power plant

Reliable, grid friendly and economical — Our solar inverter from the SINVERT grid infeed system enables efficient infeed of solar energy in traditional power supply networks. The comprehensive inverter portfolio from Siemens is ideally suited for medium to large photovoltaic systems and solar power plants starting at 10 KVA.

Using master/slave combinations, PV systems can be achieved from 60 KVA up to the MVA range. The central inverter unit —with three-phase output to central network supply and up to 2 MW power in  a sophisticated master/slave design — is optimally adapted for use in large PV systems in the MW range.

Whether deployed with or without a monitoring system, as a single or container solution, SINVERT gives you the benefit of higher cost-efficiency over the entire life cycle of your network-coupled PV system.