Building solutions for the pharmaceutical and life science industries

Integrated building solutions increase efficiency, optimize security and meet legal requirements

A secure and efficient working environment is a key requirement for ongoing company success. Our comprehensive solution portfolio for the life science industry enables you to protect people, assets and business processes, minimize risks and, thanks to integrated solutions, increase efficiency over your building’s entire life cycle.

When it comes to protecting personnel, valuable raw materials and finished products, we are your partner across the entire value chain – from development and production to storage. Our tried-and-tested integrated building solutions meet all legal requirements as well as strict quality standards in the life science industry and therefore protect your investments over the long term. This means that you can produce safe, high-quality products, increase the efficiency of your building and simultaneously lower your building costs.

Optimum environmental conditions within your production and storage facilities are indispensable to your long-term success in the life science industry. Reducing energy consumption in a regulated environment is therefore no easy task.Our HVAC solutions offer energy-efficient and eu.bac-certified products and solutions. As a result, your building consumes less energy and, at the same time, you can provide a comfortable room climate for your staff.

Our energy savings performance contracting help you cut energy consumption and modernize your existing systems. Selectively modernizing your building infrastructure helps define your energy saving potential. Modernization pays off quickly, since you lower your energy consumption and operating costs. Reduced energy consumption also benefits the environment.

As one of the world’s leading providers of building technology, we have a unique portfolio of products and systems for all aspects of technical building infrastructure. We also have the experience to develop and implement customized solutions from these these components to meet your specific needs

Our dedicated solutions meet all comfort and security requirements, backed up by our decades of know-how and experience in building technology. In addition to energy-efficient products and compatible systems, our solution portfolio also includes a wide range of services:

  • We analyze your core processes

  • We provide validation support and help you maintain your validated status.

  • We train your employees.

  • We provide safe and compliant room conditions.

  • We offer maximum protection and security for people, assets and business processes.

  • We offer industry-specific solutions (such as clean room and lab solutions), based on flexible basic systems.

  • We analyze and optimize energy efficiency within your building.

  • We provide support in optimizing your building’s efficiency.

From pharmaceuticals and medical technology to healthcare, we support you across your entire value chain so that you can meet industry-specific regulations and increase building efficiency.