Process instrumentation and –analytics for the pharmaceutical and life science industries

Proven portfolio for all measuring applications: Process instruments, process gas analytics, weighing technology

Pharmaceutical manufacturers require instruments that offer the highest levels of hygiene, accuracy and reliability, which match the regulatory and operational demands of the pharmaceutical industry.Siemens products, together with superior pharmaceutical knowledge and insight, enable us to help companies respond quickly and effectively to improvements in performance and production.

Pressure Measurement

Precise measurement combined with hygienic design features make the SITRANS P300 ideal for applications in the pharmaceutical industry. The exactitude of the device enables manufacturers to optimize efficiency and increase plant productivity. The stainless steel housing and front flush membrane guarantees a dead space free measurement and offers easy cleaning.

Temperature Measurement

Siemens offers many differently designed resistance thermometers and thermocouples to the pharmaceutical industry. All these sensors are equipped with the process connection systems required in the pharmaceutical industry and are designed in accordance with hygiene requirements. Construction and materials meet FDA, EHEDG and 3A standards and are manufactured under cGMP guidelines.

Flow Measurement

Choosing the right flowmeter for the right application can dramatically improve your bottom line. In all industries, Siemens offers a comprehensive selection of electromagnetic, coriolis, ultrasonic, vortex, rotary pistol and differential pressure flowmeters suitable for measuring a variety of liquids.

Level Measurement

Siemens level measurement instruments serve pro cess industries worldwide. A wide portfolio of technologies and products lets you choose the right solution for your application.

Valve Positioning

Nearly all pharmaceutical processes in primary production are deployed by means of controlled valves. Next to many other additional features the valve positioners provide precise valve monitoring and diagnosis of events in case of error.

Weighing Technology

Weighing and proportioning is a central aspect of successful pharmaceutical production. Our high quality and competitive weighing products offer users complete accuracy in the process and optimum productivity in the plant.

Gas Analytics

The technology used in state-of-the-art process analyzers is determined by the needs of the specific application. Siemens Process Analytics offers a wide and innovative portfolio designed to meet all user requirements for comprehensive products and solutions.

Industrial Communication

Industrial communication is key to realizing a demand driven supply chain, optimized maintenance cycles and increased efficiency, especially in hybrid processes.Through bundling different solutions with SIMATIC NET, Siemens meets customer requirements in an optimal fashion. SIMATIC NET is a component of Totally Integrated Automation, the integrated range of Siemens products and systems for automation.