Drive Technology for the Pharmaceutical and Life Science Industry

Innovative Drive Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

SINAMICS, the all-round family of drives from Siemens, enables the creation of innovative drive solutions that also meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. With ist different device versions, SINAMICS covers the entire performance spectrum. The innovative Motion Control system is characterized by a pioneering systematic approach: the fusion of Motion Control, PLC and technology functions..

As a result, time and effort neede for engineering are reduced considerably. Moreover, complete programming and diagnosis can be carried out with a single tool - simple, uniform and transparent.

Our SIMOTION Motion Control System provides subtantial benefits for mechanical engineering and plant construction companies as well as pharmaceutical manufacturers. Integrated and flexible drive solutions enable the development of modular machines that are much easier to validate and perform a wide range of functions. But, at the same time, the number of functional units remains within limits. The mechatronics also enable shorter retooling times and facilitate recipe-based electronic parameterization.