Media supply for the pharmaceutical and life science industries

Reliable, safe, and suited to requirements

To operate productively, a pharmaceutical plant must be supplied with the media it needs for production at all times. And in addition to availability, the quality of the media at the place of processing also plays a central role.

As a partner to the pharmaceutical industry for many years, we have unique experience in the conception, planning, and implementation of solutions for reliably supplying your production processes with inputs such as process water and industrial gases as well as heating, cooling, and steam. We also offer powerful systems for generating media close to production, including plants for the production of process, laboratory, and pure water, distributed block heating stations, as well as complete combicogen. And no matter what solution you select, it will always be perfectly adapted to your specific needs and seamlessly integrated into your production and business processes based on Totally Integrated Automation, our end-to-end automation concept, by our processing experts.

With Siemens as your partner, you can be sure that the correct high-quality medium is available at every point along your process chain when you need it, enhancing the availability and flexibility of your production plants. And since you produce the media and power yourself, the result is a long-term boost in your productivity.