Preparation in the drug manufacturing

Plenty of balanced solutions on hand

 A good product is more than just the sum of its parts. The production process, for example, depends on being able to process the correct amounts of the right raw materials at the right time. This is a huge challenge for your weighing and dispensing systems, as well as for the entire automation system.

When you partner with Siemens, you can take a comprehensive approach to meeting this challenge. That’s because we offer a wide range of weighing and dispensing systems, as well as products, solutions, and systems for seamlessly integrating your entire materials supply. Our networks, controllers, and HMI solutions provide basic efficient automation. Our MES weighing solutions enable us to integrate the process and ERP level. And our tracking and tracing solutions based on barcodes or RFID ensure the traceability of all materials.

It’s easy to see all the ways you benefit: The entire materials supply is more efficient, more transparent, and compliant with 21 CFR Part 11. And you profit in the long term from higher quality and productivity while protecting your investment.