Preparation in the chemical API production (Chem API)

The basis for all successful production

The better the preparation, the more efficient the process. And good preparation is not just a matter of preparing the qualitatively tested raw materials by weighing, grinding, or mixing. It also means documented delivery of the right ingredients to all subprocesses – at the right time, and in the right quantity and quality.

When you choose Siemens as your partner, you can transparently and efficiently set up the entire flow of materials from the raw material to the finished product. How does it work? SIMATIC IT, our highly integrated MES, allows you to log and control material flows with no gaps using a material management module. Whether you use barcodes, a data matrix, or RFID, all supplier data is automatically transferred and stored with all data from the preparation process. And if it’s necessary to feed intermediate products into the process, such as via a pipe, then SIMATIC Route Control ensures the availability of these intermediate products at maximum precision and traceability. That’s because our transport system also transfers its data seamlessly to the SIMATIC IT Material Manager.

A better overview, greater transparency, more availability – with our products and solutions for preparation, you can be sure that the right raw materials are always delivered at the right time and in the right quantity during every process step in the chemical synthesis of active ingredients. And that you’ll always have the documentation to prove it.