Laboratory in the chemical API production (Chem API)

Trust is good, but control is better

Customers around the world rely on the consistently high quality of your products. And to keep things that way, you need to systematically improve not just the quality of your production processes, but the efficiency of your lab as well..

It’s great when you can rely on one partner to meet all requirements of modern laboratory management from a single source. For us, laboratory management means proven solutions for access control, building automation, and risk management to ensure constant and secure environmental conditions in your lab. It also means that you can use our SIMATIC IT Unilab laboratory information management system to optimize your entire laboratory workflow – including sampling and FDA- and EU-compliant performance and documentation of tests, as well as supported release of your batches. And with Totally Integrated Automation, we enable seamless integration of your lab into all your current control systems at the ERP, MES, and DCS levels.

For you, that means greater lab safety, greater process efficiency, and easier compliance with requirements such as 21CFR Part 11. With Siemens as your partner, you’re always on the safe side when it comes to productivity, product quality, and process transparency – both today and tomorrow.