Conditioning in the chemical API production (Chem API)

The perfect finish

The automation of active ingredient production and pharmaceutical production are increasingly converging as the demand for process optimization continues to grow. From the first batch to the last, material properties standards such as particle size, bulk density, and flow behavior, as well as optimal packaging for the next processing step, must be met –verifiably and consistently.

This is where Siemens can help. With a wide range of products and solutions from the areas of cleanroom technology and power supply, we ensure constant and reliable ambient conditions for your production. We build on these products and solutions, such as with our high-precision process instrumentation and analytics, to deliver all relevant material properties and quantities to you at the right time. You can also add Totally Integrated Automation, our concept for perfect interaction between process control engineering, MES, and ERP. This seamless flow of information means, for example, that all relevant process and production data can be stored directly on the packaging unit – whether by barcode, data matrix, or RFID.

You benefit not only from transparent and efficient processes that can be flexibly adjusted to the needs of your customers, but from optimal conditions for seamless tracking and tracing as well.