Preparation in the biological API production (Bio API)

It’s all in the mix

The right preparation is crucial for successful fermentation. Stringent requirements for product quality, safety, and productivity can be met only if inocula and media are always available in the right volume and quality. We can fully support your needs in every respect:

  • In inoculum preparation: We ensure optimal environmental conditions with our proven solutions for HVAC control systems and cleanroom monitoring. And SIMATIC IT, our scalable and flexible MES solution, allows you to manage your cell bank effectively and to seamlessly track and trace all process-relevant raw materials.

  • In media preparation: Our highly reliable drives, pumps, and controllers let you operate your mixing vessel efficiently. And thanks to our flexible SIMATIC Batch batch solution and our proven SIMATIC IT material management modules, we can optimize your entire media preparation process. We take care of automatic preparation of batches and reliable recording of all data on labels, 2D barcodes, or RFID tags – for less waste and greater transparency.

Our solutions help you increase quality and productivity along your entire process chain – horizontally from the raw materials to the finished product and vertically from the order to the batch.