Harvest in the biological API production (Bio API)

Wrapping it all up

At the end of the fermentation process, cultures and particulate matter must be separated from the culture medium as quickly and efficiently as possible. Exact movement control, high plant availability, and constant environmental conditions play the key roles in this process.

We give you optimal support for harvesting. We ensure the availability of your centrifuges, pumps, and filter systems through our comprehensive, end-to-end solutions for power supply and building automation. Our proven process instrumentation maximizes process transparency. And our automation portfolio offers you everything you need for efficient process control: highly available controllers, powerful HMI hardware and software, and customized solutions for effective process management.

What’s the bottom line for you? You get optimal conditions for an efficient harvest – today, tomorrow, and throughout the entire life cycle of your plant. And that means the best conditions for greater productivity throughout the entire line.