Fermentation in the biological API production (Bio API)

Making cells feel right at home

No matter which standard you select, everything simply has to be right throughout the core process in the production of biological APIs – the quality of raw materials and cell cultures, environmental conditions, and, of course, process management itself.

As a partner to the process industry with many years of experience, we offer proven solutions to meet these requirements. Based on our sophisticated concepts in power supply and building technologies, we create scalable automation solutions for optimally controlling the fermentation process in any production environment:

  • For laboratories, we offer a low-cost stand-alone solution – with the SIMATIC Microbox PC as the core and SIMATIC WinCC flexibly used as the human-machine interface.

  • For integrated fermentation processes, we offer SIMATIC PCS 7 Box, a compact DCS solution including controller and server.

  • For integrated fermentation processes with recipe automation, we offer SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMATIC Batch, the right tools for ISA-S88-compatible control of the fermentation process on any scale.

  • For complete plant solutions, we make our entire wealth of automation expertise available to you for hardware, software, and project management – to ensure that your plant runs efficiently and is seamlessly integrated into the entire production process.

In short, with Siemens you can be sure that the starting and general conditions of “your” microorganisms or cell cultures are optimal at all times – and that at the end of the process you have exactly the harvest you need. In the desired volume and quality.