Siemens provides power for twenty-first-century mines

The safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of any mining operation depend on its power supply. Siemens’ power solutions include system design, equipment supply, construction, testing, and commissioning.

It is impossible to run a successful mining operation without a secure and stable power supply. Siemens’ solutions are easy to apply and highly cost-effective, while meeting the high demands of the mining industry with respect to operator safety and operational reliability. This allows your production processes to run smoothly and reliably – without the downtimes caused by power failures or fluctuations.

Together with a worldwide network of experienced local experts, we develop, manufacture, and install systems for substations and power distribution – tailored to your requirements, and based on state-of-the-art technology. Our systems also minimize network disturbances such as reactive power generation, voltage distortion, or voltage variation. This not only reduces the negative impact of typical plant loads to specified limits, but can also result in energy cost savings.