A single control center for all processes

Siemens’ production management solutions offer effective monitoring, analysis, and documentation of process-related data along the entire process chain, from extraction to distribution.

As a decision-maker you need to keep an eye on key production indicators, enabling you to react faster, to exploit opportunities and to monitor processes reliably. For this you need the right information, analyses, and controlling instruments. Siemens has the right solutions at hand; solutions such as our Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), a model-based system that monitors work-in-process, controls operations and labor, and feeds production information to business systems and life cycle repositories. This ensures transparency and centralized control of all mining automation processes from excavation to ore processing. At the same time, it facilitates vertical information flow from production control level to the ERP system. Network solutions from Siemens provide both the infrastructure for exchanging data in the field and high-performance data highways for linking different areas.