Now with new sparkle: The Hilton Munich City hotel after an extensive renovation program

During this extensive renovation program for the hotel, the project managers have been careful to ensure a consistent design and optimum feel-good atmosphere. The high-class interior and harmonious colors provide the ideal environment for recovering from a stressful day of work.

An exclusive address in the heart of Munich

The DELTA line switch and outlet range from Siemens was found to be ideal for all parts of the hotel.The Hilton Munich City hotel in the heart of Munich has been renovated within the space of a year at a cost of several million euros. The renovation project included the stylish executive floor, four floors of bedrooms, the meeting area, the large fitness lounge and the “Zum Gasteig” and “Löwenschänke” restaurants. One of the main components of the renovation project was the modernization of the electrical installations.

The Project: Fulfilling the high expectations of modern travelers

At the start of 2004, the fifth floor of the hotel was converted into a stylish executive floor with 64 executive rooms and an exclusive executive floor lounge. Painted in warm beige shades and featuring high-quality fabrics and timbers, the 130 deluxe rooms offer a bright and friendly atmosphere. When designing and choosing colors for these rooms, care was taken to ensure that the guests feel “at home” where they can both relax and work. With this in mind, special furniture, such as “relaxing chairs” and ergonomic office chairs, was included in the equipment concept. A fully renovated meeting area with seven conference rooms and a ballroom for up to 550 people also formed part of the project.

The Solution: Consistency of design right down to the last detail

The DELTA line two-dimensional switch and outlet scheme has an elegant appearance and uncomplicated design.

The building technology and electrical installation technology must satisfy the stringent requirements of a hotel operation. Hilton had previously used Siemens technology prior to the renovation project and planned to use the same technology again. So, during the renovation work, the right products could be used once again. Not just the lights but also all the switches and outlets were adapted to the modern design. The two-dimensional range from Siemens DELTA line was found to be ideal for this case.

The advantages of the switch and outlet scheme

The aluminum/metallic version of the DELTA line switch and outlet scheme was installed in all 480 rooms. The hotel rooms and business area were also fitted with computer and telephone connections. Motion detectors in the executive floor lounge ensure automatic light control which switches the lights on and off at the right time without disturbing the guests.

The benefits of this scheme lie in its ease of use and simple installation. The material is scratch-resistant, shatter-proof and easy to maintain thanks to its smooth surface. Another benefit is the way in which the switches and outlets are installed since  the existing fittings could be retained and only the surfaces replaced. Although the original devices have been in operation since 1987, replacing the surfaces proved a simple task. The rocker is simply inserted into the device, which means that no screws are involved in the disassembly and assembly processes. Since the rocker is secured in the frame, it is also positioned centrally, even in multiple combinations. The long plug-in contact with metal springs also ensures a secure fit.

Ease of operation and simple installation

“The two-dimensional design, which fitted perfectly with the hotel’s pleasant interior, the ease of operation and simple installation process were all deciding factors in favor of the Siemens products. These are factors which shouldn’t be taken for granted because I have had very different experiences with other products,” says Mr. Frehse from Elektro Hartinger, based in Kolbermoor.