Food and Beverage areas

Relaxation and feeling comfortable require a relaxed ambience

A harmonized combination of design elements, lighting, and other components such as odor and temperature significantly influence the well-being of your guests.

For this reason, all building automation and control system parameters must be harmonized to support the desired impression. Our systems allow you to combine various options that can be saved as default settings enabling you to quickly and easily turn that first impression into a lasting positive one.

We protect your guests and guarantee genuine alarms. In the event of fire, we offer an integrated emergency plan combining building automation and control system functions with room automation functions and evacuation measures.

Fire safety

No unnecessary disruption of your guests – Genuine Alarm Guarantee

Relaxation and entertainment are important, but safety is decisive. We offer a Genuine Alarm Guarantee thanks to our combination of sophisticated fire protection (Sinteso™ S-LINE) and early warning systems. In the event of fire, building automation and control functions are combined with room automation functions and evacuation systems to offer safety.

Therefore, in case of fire alarm

  • Multilingual evacuation messages can be given along with instructions on how to find the safest and nearest exit

  • Emergency lighting is activated and emergency exit symbols point out the exits

  • Ventilation is switched off to prevent smoke and fire from spreading

Electronic security

Smart Cards as customer loyalty devices

The access control system allows guests and staff authorized entry to certain rooms within the hotel. The Smart Card can be used to archive guest profiles and as a payment card within the entire hotel.

We employ chip, RFID, magnetic or combined cards and offer standardized, but also customizable interfaces for front office and cashier systems.

Building automation

Create the ideal ambience

Preprogrammed parameters in the building automation and control system (BACS) allow you to monitor and adapt the environment to internal workflows bars / lounges: Temperature control, ventilation using CO2 and olfactory control (e.g. cigar smoke).

F&B areas: Increase the number of guests per seat by adjusting the temperature; closing the F&B area allows for changing over from “Comfort” to “Pre-comfort” mode and adjusting lighting accordingly

Green perspective

Even exclusive restaurant areas can be energy-efficient

Energy savings concepts must match desired guest comfort and internal workflows.Our building automation and control system automatically controls energy consumption while retaining the flexibility and individuality required for hotel workflows.

The systems offer variable temperature settings depending on opening hours, if these areas are closed for the season, the system can activate building Protection mode. This operating mode acquires and optimizes all relevant parameters. To indicate that the restaurant will close, the system can be set to Precomfort mode.

IT & communication

Unified communication services, mobile order taking and full availability of service staff and guests are insured via our WiFi, WLAN, and DECT infrastructure, shared with the guests high speed Internet access even in F&B areas via their personal Internet account.