Elevator operation monitored and controlled in the context of total building safety

  • Elevators equipped with fire detection and extinguishing equipment or video cameras for continuous surveillance

  • Elevators driven to a fixed position in emergency situations to prevent endangerment of building solutions

Fire Safety

A common platform for components and systems means no loss of information in analysis of emergency events

Systems communicate with each other reliably and unhindered; safety remains at the forefront of all measures.

Control panels automatically signal elevators in case of fire to drive to ground level and remain open.

A manual call point is installed near the elevator and is easily accessible. Video fire controller (VFC) recordings allow analysis of the time period before and during an event.

Electronic security

An integrated access control and video surveillance system can restrict and record access to every floor

An access control system can restrict access to specified floors, only allowing authorized personnel to enter highly secured or sensitive areas. Video surveillance can be used both inside and outside the elevators to monitor and record who accessed which floor and when. Cameras can be activated while and when the elevator is being used or continuously 24 hours a day

IT & communication

In case of an emergency, telephone calls can be easily made from the emergency telephone mounted in the elevator directly to the front desk or operator, even without dialing a number (hotline functionality). Our IP-based alarming and broadcasting system automatically informs the relevant staff.