Back of the house

  • Ergonomic office environments with good indoor temperature and lighting conditions

  • High protection level for occupants and assets in the building

  • Optimized energy efficiency at room level and in combination with power generation, distribution and primary air handling plants

Fire safety

Protection of lives is guaranteed and disturbance-free productivity preserved via coordinated fire safety products and solution concepts which respond accurately and reliably to emergency situations.

  • Products coordinated for specific risks and based on a unified platform reliably monitor the prevailing environment. Smoke and heat – the main criteria for fire – are precisely analyzed with state-of-the-art detectors to respond quickly in moderate environments with occasional deceptive phenomena

  • Information is made available where needed. Alarm indicators, sounder beacons and floor repeater terminals (FRT) indicate alarms and messages for a quick overview at floor level

  • Control panels operate simply, ensuring correct operation at all times – essential in emergencies

  • Centralized control (emergency exits, elevator function, voice instructions) contributes to safe, orderly evacuation

Building automation

Energy efficiency without compromising on comfort

  • Balanced comfort and energy consumption: energy optimization without restricting thermal comfort conditions, lighting conditions, etc.

  • Intuitive common operating (touch) panel for all services in the room: lighting, heating / air conditioning, sun shading, etc.

  • Coordination of all services in the building within the building automation and control system (BACS): demand-controlled energy supply, energy consumption control

IT & communication

We offer flexible call center applications used in reservation and back office as well as in the guest service center, including functions such as emergency call recording for telephone switchboards. Our communication solution is enhanced with voice / data accounting and reporting in the back office. Our open UC applications guarantee tailor-made systems for all hotel workflows.