Utility and IT Rooms

Climatic conditions in IT rooms are maintained for optimum operation of sensitive equipment.

  • The risk of costly false alarms can be minimized by using fire detection and extinguishing systems

  • An access control system ensures that only authorized staff can gain access. Access to rooms can be electronically regulated and entry recorded by video surveillance

  • High availability of infrastructure and monitoring of all building services

Fire safety

Coordination of fire detection and extinguishing systems ensures the most effective fire safety and emergency response solution for specific and demanding applications.

  • In case of fire, detection must be rapid and reliable. Sensitive, operations-critical components represent a high concentration of value (operating data, data-dependent production and demand especially rapid fire safety intervention extinguishing

  • Specialized systems such as aspirating smoke detection (ASD) meet these demands. Continual air samples suctioned through a pipe network to a detector chamber are analyzed for smoke particles. In case of detection, an alarm is activated and evacuation initiated. Personnel receive clear instructions to leave the room

  • Dry extinguishing systems are triggered and act rapidly at a very early stage, thus supporting business process continuity. Non-conductive, environmentally friendly extinguishing agents present no danger to electronic equipment

  • Solutions are tailored to your needs and adjusted to local application conditions

Electronic security

An interoperable security system within an IT room can safeguard sensitive data and provide operational continuity

  • A biometric access control system ensures only authorized staff can gain entry with a complete log of entrants and times

  • High-performance motion detectors are strategically positioned to monitor entrances to rooms for early break-in detection. Dual technology detectors with sophisticated signal analysis ensure high immunity to false alarms while patented mirror technologies make for superior detection

  • For the most sensitive data storage, seismic detectors can be placed inside walls to ensure these are protected against intrusion

Building automation

High availability of IT infrastructure

  • All building services are monitored, ensuring the availability of chillers, compact air conditioning units and electrical services

  • The availability of chillers and compact air conditioning units ensures stable temperature and humidity conditions

  • Short reaction time due to sophisticated user interfaces

  • History and trend data for cause analysis

IT & communication

Web-based management stations give a clear overview about the current status of all IT systems and allow central administration of all hooked systems. Our IP-based alarming and broadcasting system integrates with the building management system of the hotel.