Guest rooms

Giving guests a truly memorable in-room experience is about providing the practicalities they expect, while enabling them to create their own environment according to their preferences. From lighting and temperature adjustments to the latest in-room entertainment facilities or “do not disturb” signal…all the while with a safe and secure feeling.

Siemens offers comprehensive guest room solutions for all hotel types, from small family-owned operations to large luxury resorts. These intelligent solutions integrate all areas of room automation, to provide guests with total control over their environment, enabling them to make the room “their own” at the touch of a button.

Our integrated room automation solution at a glance:

  • A modular room automation solution that is scalable and adjustable to all hotel segments, allowing for extensions and upgrades at any time

  • A solution specifically aimed at protecting guests' privacy. If a guest activates easy-to-use room controls such as "Do not disturb", "Alarm" or "Service", the result is displayed on all control elements for both guests and staff

  • Intelligent fire protection systems capable of differentiating between different types of smoke, thereby precluding false alarms, and ensuring reliable detection or real dangers.

Fire safety

“Do not disturb” - a golden rule for false alarms too

We are the only solution provider offering a guarantee on genuine alarms thanks to our intelligent multisensor fire detectors (Sinteso™ S-LINE) capable of differentiating smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide. This not only ensures that all potential life threatening conditions are quickly and reliably identified, this also ensures that when the alarm sounds, it is with good reasons. This is complemented by the possibility to sound a local alarm until it is verified, further ensuring minimum unnecessary nuisance to other guests.

How do you find your way out in an unfamiliar territory?

In the event of a fire, priority should be given to evacuating all hotel occupants safely and rapidly. However, given that most guests will be unfamiliar with the premises – let alone the evacuation procedures and routes leading from their room to the nearest exit – an integrated emergency plan is essential. This should be supported by building automation and control functions integrated with room automation functions and evacuation measures: this helps provide the best escape conditions, a particularly important point considering 23% of guest room fires occur between midnight and 2am.

This includes:

  • Multilingual evacuation messages, either voice-based through loudspeakers or visual through e.g. TV screens, along with instructions on how to find the nearest emergency exit.

  • TV screens displaying a map of the hotel with the nearest and safest emergency exits

  • Emergency lighting switched on

  • Exit doors and routes that are clearly indicated through lighting and signage

  • Ventilation switched off to prevent fire and smoke spread

Electronic security

Smart cards as customer loyalty devices

Our smart card technology allows us to combine different functions:

The access control system allows guests and staff authorized entry to certain rooms within the hotel. The Smart Card can be used to archive guest profiles and as a payment card within the entire hotel. We employ chip, RFID, magnetic or combined cards and offer standardized, but also customizable interfaces for front office and cashier systems.

Building automation

Individual guest comfort – your key to success!

Our room automation solutions range from individual climate control (heating and cooling) to fully integrated solutions combining climate control with web-based building automation and control systems, i.e. direct monitoring of all building settings and guest preferences.

Our system platform represents an ideal solution to

  • Ensure a unique and consistently comfortable guest stay,

  • Map all infrastructure on an integrated management console,

  • Retrieve management information where it is needed,

  • Provide easy-to-use technology to your guests, and

  • Achieve highest flexibility thanks to our modular system.

Green perspective

How to best combine guest comfort and environmental issues?

Energy-saving concepts must match desired guest comfort as well as internal workflows. A significant proportion of the energy consumed by hotels is in guest rooms, so putting measures and systems in place to encourage a more responsible behavior amongst guests as well as staff, and to control energy use centrally are essential to an effective hospitality sustainability strategy – All without affecting guest comfort and service levels.

Our building automation and control system automatically controls energy consumption while retaining the flexibility and individuality required for hotel workflows.

Our system is able to distinguish between an empty and an occupied room. During temporary non-occupancy, pre-comfort is set automatically. When a guest checks out or if a room is not used due to seasonal or annual closings, or during renovation, the system changes the room temperature setting to “protection mode”. The periods between the various operating modes can be set freely depending on heating or cooling outputs.

Our card holder in the room helps control power consumption as needed. If a room is not occupied, lighting and other electronically controlled equipment (except emergency lighting) are switched off automatically

IT & communication

The “one touch service” provides optimal communication comfort and is integrated into the unified communication infrastructure providing excellent guest services and security; from guest Internet access to emergency call monitoring.