Front desk / Lobby

For a long lasting good first impression

Of the many public areas, the hotel lobby has the greatest single impact on guests and visitors, and as such needs to be both enticing to guests and practical for employees. The right lighting and building automation technologies ensure that guests experience a welcoming and comfortable environment as soon as they step into the hotel, while ICT solutions need to provide reliable wireless access for impromptu business activities. And because no hotel stay can be successful without guests feeling safe and secure, safety and security technologies need to adapt seamlessly to the dynamic hotel lobby environment. All in all, Siemens delivers solutions that seamlessly support the many functions lobbies have to fulfill, from check-in or -out facility to meeting point or work areas.  

Fire safety

Don’t let false alarms be a nuisance to your guests

Fire detection in hotel lobbies can be challenging, because of the specificities of the space design: wide, open areas, with often very high ceilings, make it difficult for traditional detection technologies to accurately and quickly detect fires. At the same time, such mixed-use spaces create more risks of false alarms.

At Siemens, we offer a contractually binding Genuine Alarm Guarantee (Sinteso™ S-LINE fire detector), to prevent nuisance alarms and unnecessary evacuation. The unique, intelligent combination of our sophisticated and certified fire detection and early warning systems make us the only company capable of offering such a guarantee. Combined with a range of detectors to adapt to any space, this capability ensures that when the fire alarm sounds, this is for the right reasons.

From reliable smoke detection to panic-free evacuation

At Siemens, we know that In an emergency, the integration of fire safety and building automation systems better support evacuation, communication and intervention efforts. Our integration expertise, combined with our Intelligent ResponseTM enables us to deliver solutions that truly put people first, whilst providing maximum protection for assets and buildings.

  • Multilingual evacuation messages can be given along with instructions on how to find the safest and nearest exit

  • Emergency lighting is activated and emergency exit symbols point out the exits

  • Ventilation is switched off to prevent smoke and fire from spreading

  • Constant communication with emergency services ensure swift and appropriate response is given to the alarm

Electronic security

Security and accessibility – keeping customer interaction safe at all times

Achieving the right balance between the security of customers and staff on the one hand, and convenience and customer interaction on the other, is the challenge posed by hotel lobby environments today. Electronic security can help compensate for the reduction in physical barriers in open-space lobbies by making it harder to gain access to “staff-only” areas. Our sophisticated access control system allows for dynamic control of all access areas regarding:

  • Authentication (hotel guests, visitors, staff, contractors or suppliers)Opening hours (day / night operations)

  • Each access is documented automatically and can be forwarded to other systems

  • In addition, our hybrid card technology presents yet another tool to achieve customer loyalty, combining access control, guest identification, and electronic payment on one card.

In addition, an interoperable system of video surveillance, access control and intrusion detection in the lobby and adjacent areas allows hotel managers or security staff to view any area whenever an alarm is triggered or a door opened, therefore enabling them to check the visitor’s authority and progress throughout the hotel:

  • Silent alarms at the reception desk, linked to a central monitoring centre or security room, will also provide valuable reassurance to staff and ensure immediate response to incidents.

  • Video surveillance systems can serve as deterrent, whilst helping to continuously monitor the areas not permanently staffed (e.g. parking garages, spa areas, etc.). 

  • Intrusion detection systems protect property, windows, backdoors, security areas, exposition areas, etc. against unauthorized entry

Building automation

Providing guests with a comfortable and welcoming environments requires a harmonious blend of design elements, lighting and temperature. The more dynamic these elements are (i.e. in response to increases or drops in outside temperatures, or fading day-light, the better perception guests will have of the hotel lobby.  This requires systems that are not only easy to set up – with for example predefined settings based on the time of day or night – but also reliable and flexible, ensuring optimum conditions at all times.

Green perspective

Energy savings concepts must match desired guest comfort as well as internal workflows. Our building automation and control system automatically controls energy consumption while retaining the flexibility and individuality required for the dynamic hotel lobby environment.

For example, you can automatically change the lobby temperature at night. Depending on the operating module, you can also control all other relevant parameters such as lighting, cooling, heating, and other comfort features such as CO2 and olfactory monitoring. The system switches to building protection mode when the hotel is closed.

IT & communication

The complete integration of IT and communication infrastructures into the hotel property management system (PMS) ensures seamless workflow support from check-in to check-out of the guest. Our solutions support the guest service center concept of your hotel, enable the hotel service staff to follow up any kind of request and the management to monitor the service activities.