Total Building Solutions

Total Building Solutions - a single source for everything

Our Total Building Solutions establish a balance between safety and security requirements of people on the one hand and property and the desire for ease-of-use and operation without any problems on the other hand. The result is a highly automated intelligent building, designed for the entire lifecycle of your building.

This means in detail:
You have one management control unit for all information. This means networking heating, ventilation, climate, cooling, energy generation, emergency power and energy distribution, access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance, fire detection, alarm reporting, evacuation and fire extinguishing. In addition, further building systems such as lifts, escalators, water technology systems as well as monitoring of information and communication systems can be integrated via our standardized interfaces.

Networking your system brings considerable advantages like comfortable and secure working conditions as well as a transparent system and reduced networks complexity. As a result, your business will be cost- and time-effective, productive and efficient.

In short: Our Total Building Solutions make your buildings more intelligent and more productive.

Examples - Total Building Solutions

Due the perfect communications between the building automation and control system and security management, the access control system registers the entry of persons in your hotel. The information is forwarded to the time recording system and the building automation and control system.

Room conditions are set based on guest information. You will reach an optimum room climate at the highest level of energy efficiency thanks to demand-dependent control. The building automation and control system automatically switches on heating and ventilation in the room, ensuring the optimum room climate corresponding to occupancy and guest wishes.

Motion detectors in less frequented areas (staircase / car park) automatically turn on the lights when a person enters the room. Planned energy savings measures are efficiently implemented.

In the evening, ventilation and the temperature are reduced and changed over to night mode. When a guest leaves his room, the ventilation and room temperature will be reduced and the lights switched off. Furthermore, a simple analysis of energy consumptions is possible. You can evaluate and analyze the energy consumption on a room-by-room basis or for each building or each hotel area. This information flows constantly into the optimization strategy for building operations. This ensures the highest possible energy efficiency for the building.

With our Total Building Solutions, you get security management with the highest degree of reliability. If a fire detector detects smoke in a room, an alarm is triggered and sent to the control unit (scenario).

Video surveillance cameras feed all video transmissions to the management station. At the management station, the fire detection control unit sends an alarm to the fire department. Building automation and control, access control, evacuation and extinguishing systems are event-controlled activated and the building automation and control system switches off the air supply to the source of the fire, generates over-pressure in the neighboring parts of the building and prevents the smoke from spreading. The language-controlled evacuation system guides directly endangered persons out of the building. Building automation and control switches on the lighting along the evacuation route. Access control opens all doors along the evacuation route and closes all doors leading to the source of the fire. The cameras monitor evacuation. Monitors at the security control center aid the fire department in fighting the fire in a targeted manner.