Cost control and benchmarking

Effective cost controls requires high level of transparency at all levels of the hotel operations. From energy and Utility costs to revenue per room analysis and food & beverage margin improvement programmes.

Technology at your service

When technical problems arise, fast provision of information and response by hotel staff make all the difference in daily workflows. In the hotel business, the latest information must be available in the right place at the right time – even on mobile devices. For example, the front office needs to know when an air conditioner is running full blast in an unoccupied room. The security staff would certainly be interested in hearing that an unauthorized person repeatedly tried to gain access to a suite. The conference management team would undoubtedly like to know that the temperature in two adjacent rooms varies by several degrees, with the windows open. And the service departments find it important to maintain an up-to-date overview of outstanding and completed service requests.Not only does the hotel staff need to obtain the latest information, they must also be able to respond quickly. When staff members are notified of such problems as malfunctioning building systems, security alarms or guest complaints, they must be able to quickly pass the problem on to the suitable department to be remedied, using electronic media. At the same time, all service incidents and their remedies must be documented and archived.

Hotel Site Cockpit (HSC)

With its Hotel Site Cockpit solution, Siemens provides the right answer to the requirements that confront today’s hotels. It is suitable for hotels of all sizes and can be easily upgraded and expanded. This management console was especially designed to build the bridge between existing hotel Property Management Systems (PMS) and Building Management Systems (BMS).  

This highly integrated cockpit solution will improve building efficiency and the comfort of hotel guests because:

  • All infrastructure modules, such as room automation, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) actuators, security, fire detectors, power supply, IT/telecommunications, lighting and guest services, can be monitored, corrected and documented in an integrated console/user interface.

  • The Mac-like graphical user interface (GUI) is optimized for operational requirements (through color coding, icons, flags, etc.) and requires no prior knowledge.

  • The multi-interface enables easy integration into all building applications/controllers (supported protocols: KNX, LON, BaCNet), as well as into IT/telecommunications systems (Siemens PBX, Cisco, etc.) and hotel-specific systems such as property management systems (PMS), customer relationship systems (CRS), etc.

  • A web-based application with optional multi-client capability for easy installation.