Secure Power Distribution in hotels

A hotel’s reputation can be highly dependent on a its capacity to maintain continuity of service to its guest, and to ensure all supporting systems are fully operational.

That is why Siemens with its expertise offers a complete range of high quality medium and low voltage power distribution. As a complete service provider for building installations, we offer you a comprehensive solution from the energy supply right up to the socket outlet in a hotel room – tailored to the needs of your hotel.

Electrical installation

With the GAMMA Building Management System from Siemens, hotels can fulfil every need with regard to economy, convenience and safety, now and in future.

The GAMMA instabus building management system makes a significant contribution to this, while combining the various features of a hotel building intelligently with each other. GAMMA instabus thus provides in a hotel:

  • maximum convenience for guests

  • reliable operation at all times

  • lower energy and operating costs

  • support to working practices in hotel operations

  • preventive safety

  • in an emergency, protection for human beings and damage limitation

Normal power supply

For the areas of the hotel on the normal power supply, Siemens offers complete electrotechnical solutionswith optimally coordinated products and systems: these range from the utility company’s transfer point(generally a medium-voltage supply) right down to the consumer, light and power outlet circuits. This end-to end integration ensures optimum supply security and thereby reliable hotel operation. Optimum coordinationof the individual system components also means an extremely cost-effi cient solution.

The normal powersupply is tailored to the hotel’s electrical equipment and configured in such a way that all electrical consumers have a reliable power source around the clock.This affects, for instance, the availability of electrical energy for the air-conditioning system around lunchtimeand in the afternoon, particularly in holiday hotels.

Safety power supply (SPS)

If the normal supply fails due to external circumstances, the hotel’s emergency power supply must bedesigned in such a way that operation is ensured without any interruptions. Technical problems shouldnot affect the guests. In line with a hotel’s specific requirements, the design of the emergency power supply ensures that – where necessary – an uninterrupted power supply is also available via batteries and an emergency generator, for instance for the emergency lighting of escape and emergency routes, the PA system or for the reservation systems. In this way, a mains failure will have relatively little impact, and the hotel can continue to operate almost as normal.