Parking Management Systems

Entry control system

The SIPARK PMA car park management system made by Siemens is one of the most advanced systems of its kind on the market.

SIPARK PMA is a system of modular design.

It allows flexible combinations of various components and offers optimum solutions that satisfy individual customer needs:

  • Ticket vending machine for entry (for short- and long-term parkers) - SIPARK PMA ENT

  • Ticket vending machine for exit (for short- and long-term parkers) - SIPARK PMA EXT

  • Automatic and manual cashiers - SIPARK PMA APS / SIPARK PMA MPS

  • Long-term parker terminals - SIPARK PMA SPT

  • Car park entry barriers - SIPARK PMA PB Servers / operator stations

The system is based on barcode or magnetic stripe technology, and the central server ensures control, supervision and administration of the parking system. SIPARK PMA WinOperate - the user interface - affords access to all monitoring functions of the system and offers a host of statistical and administrative functions.

Another feature of the system is the SIPARK PMA LPR licence plate recognition. It facilitates automatic identification of car number plates, thus enhancing the security for the cars parked.

Single Space Detection and Guidance System

The SIPARK SSD system supplied by Siemens is one of the most innovative and economical monitoring and management systems for car parks worldwide. Since every single space is monitored, a clear picture of free parking spaces is available at any time, independent of the car park’s size. The system ensures that every vehicle is accurately and securely guided to its parking space.

SIPARK SSD represents a highly flexible and extremely economical concept for any size of car park – from small to very extensive multi-storey projects. The special benefits the system offers are its modular design and the use of standardized industrial products and system networks. That is why the car park can be extended at any time. Also, the system can be retrofitted, or it can be easily installed in steps whenever the car park is extended.

Ultrasonic Detectors

The ultrasonic detector is the heart of the system. It offers almost 100% reliability when reporting whether or not a parking space is used and can also identify motorcycles. To indicate occupancy levels, LEDs can be fitted, either on the detector itself or in a remote location.

In addition to the single space detectors, the zone sceens are core components of the car park management system. The moment the entry barrier opens, bright, green arrows guide the driver to the next free parking space. In addition to zone screens, numeric screens can be used.

They show the number of free parking spaces on each floor or in defined areas. Also, special variants are available for use during special events, such as exhibitions or congresses.

Due to open standards, all kinds of individual customer requirements can be satisfied.

Central Station

The central station monitors the entire system and controls the individual field devices. It is available as an autonomous system or with a dynamic user interface. A PC workplace shows the occupancy level. From there, if required, manual interventions can be made at any time.