Fire Safety


False alarms are impacting on guest satisfaction and unnecessary interventions of personnel and the fire brigade create high costs. Installation of a reliable fire detection system starts with the correct choice of fire detector adapted to the risk and its environment.

We developed a specific hotel fire detection solution using Sinteso™ detectors with ASAtechnology™ (Advanced Signal Analysis). These smoke detectors can be programmed for the difficult conditions in guest rooms, the restaurant, kitchen and public areas. We offer you a genuine alarm guarantee without touching the early warning principle of smoke detectors.

Deceptive phenomena such as shower steam, cigarette smoke, cooking vapor do not result in a general fire alarm. A hotel-specific pre-programmed alarm organization guides your staff and your guests through an adapted intervention and evacuation process.


The right information at the right time, at the right place!

The ideal equipment for this is an electro-acoustical emergency alarm system with speech commands. It enables quick, sensible responses, thus providing optimum safety.

Rapid evacuation saves lives!
In addition to fast detection of fire, quick and orderly evacuation of the building is of prime importance to save lives. Especially with regard to the changed court rulings on compensation claims, evacuation is playing an increasingly important role. In tall buildings such as hotels with a large number of visitors fast and efficient evacuation is of prime importance.

The faster the evacuation, the greater the chance of survival.

It is most important that panic does not break out amongst the users or residents of the building. This is best achieved with reassuring information and clear instructions. It is therefore best when a fire alarm occurs that spoken messages are used for the evacuation. Spoken instructions via loudspeakers are clear, they are understood and followed. This increases the chances for people to save themselves.

Voice alarm systems are an ideal complement to fire safety systems

In addition, thanks to the building management and control system (BACS) the lighting along the evacuation route switches on automatically

The access control system opens all doors along the evacuation route and closes all doors leading to the source of the fire. The cameras monitor evacuation

Monitors at the security control center aid the fire department in fighting the fire in a targeted manner


Time as a safety factor

An important element in fire prevention is the time between fire detection and intervention. The shorter this time can be kept, the smaller the immediate and the consequential damage.

Intervention at an early stage
An extinguishing system cannot prevent a fire from starting. However, in combination with a fast-acting detection system, it can be activated promptly and extinguish a fire when it is still small. Especially in buildings with particular risks (expensive property, high downtime costs, etc.) this is of invaluable and vital. We thus offer an integral fire safety concept for the protection of people, properties and business processes.

Successful extinguishing of a fire
As an automated extinguishing system represents the optimum initial intervention method in most cases, we supply a wide range of advanced extinguishing solutions. This offering and the considerable application know-how ensure that a solution can be flexibly tailored to the specific application, to the risks of fire, and to the local requirements and regulations.