Green IT in hotels

Hotels of all sizes are realizing the potential of improving their IT infrastructure with regards their sustainability efforts. However, the full potential can only be achieved if IT is viewed as an integral part of a sustainability strategy, with clear goals, metrics and reporting mechanisms so as to provide a basis for action and continuous improvements.

The “IT for Sustainability” initiative from Siemens views an organization as an integrated system, consisting of various business areas and processes, which are controlled by IT. With our solutions we assist customers in improving energy and resource-efficiency across all processes and departments and so help to save costs.

Greening the Hotel IT environment

There are many different aspects to address when looking at the energy efficiency of data centers and server rooms. The range of action applicable to hotels will of course depend on the size of the organization. Global hotel chains are likely to have their own Data Centers, in which case the transformational Data Center Solution from Siemens, a groundbreaking strategy in data center design, operation and long-term competitiveness would apply.

Our expertise encompasses:

  • Power monitoring

  • Application harmonization and consolidation

  • Active Energy Management

  • Virtualization

Using IT as enabler to lower carbon footprint

IT solutions can be used to help a hotel to manage its environmental impact (CO2 emissions, energy consumption). Siemens analyses the customer requirements and then implements best-in-class solutions. In addition we provide the required process consulting to establish sustainability reporting within an organization. Here are a few highlights of our "Sustainable Impact" offering:

  • Benchmark customer’s own position in sustainability issues vs. competitors and improve own sustainability processes to become best-in-class.

  • Integrate sustainability / energy management into company strategy, organizational framework and corporate behavior

  • Target setting for company-wide KPIs (e.g. CO2) and creation of transparency by setup of IT supported controlling process

  • Support fulfillment of regulatory requirements, voluntary reporting (e.g. GRI, DJSI, CDP) and company positioning (e.g. sustainability report)

  • Manage environmental and other sustainability projects