Demand Controlled room automation

A significant proportion of the energy consumed by hotels is in guest rooms, so putting measures and systems in place to encourage a more responsible behavior amongst guests as well as staff, and to control energy use centrally are key to an effective hospitality sustainability strategy – All without affecting guest comfort and service levels.

Intelligent building automation systems

Reduce energy consumption without sacrificing comfort

Siemens offers building automation systems for all hotel types, sizes, and for every use. Thanks to open communication standards and interfaces you can integrate a wide choice of different building control disciplines like heating, ventilation, air conditioning applications, lights and blinds, up to safety features, and equipment.

With special features such as centralized, intelligent energy management and highly efficient and innovative energy saving functions, and the effective interaction of all system components and processes you will achieve significant cost and energy savings.

Room automation and room thermostats – coziness and comfort in every room

Heat up or cool down your guest rooms to a comfortable temperature exactly when you need to with room thermostats from Siemens. Let your guest decide which temperature they want to have. The room thermostats are easy to adjust to your daily routines, so energy isn’t wasted on empty rooms that are not in use. You’ll use less energy, lower your costs, and reduce CO2 emissions – while still enjoying a comfortable room climate.

Room controls

Modern automated room control concepts provide integrated solutions for air conditioning, lighting and blind control as an important precondition for the well-being of those using the room. Switches and regulators in various designs, which satisfy individual requirements and architectural demands, are available for the operation of all room functions.

Siemens also offers a wireless range of room controls and self-powered sensors, that cut the cost and time of installation and enable efficient use of energy. Combined with their sleek and modern design, this enables a flexible and low cost installation to fit any room environment.

Communicating systems should be used that satisfy the requirements of EN 15232 for a Class A building. Open communication protocols such as LON or KNX/EIB in accordance with EN 50090 satisfy this requirement. A further advantage of such systems is the ease they can be extended with or flexibly adapted for various types of use.