Central Building Management systems

Efficient infrastructure with maximum comfort

Building automation includes comprehensive solutions and services required for the control of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and blinds as well as integration of power distribution to selected building services elements.

Networking systems ensure the highest possible comfort due to perfect communications between the building automation and control system and security management. Building automation can be applied to individual rooms, zones, entire floors, or the complete building, even across groups of distributed buildings and campuses.

Examples of Building Automation

Building automation and control systems for an efficient infrastructure with maximum comfort

  • BACS improve the transparency and operation of your building services, thus minimizing down times of HVAC plants, etc.

  • Thermal, climatic and technical comfort for the occupants and close temperature, humidity and pressure control for manufacturing processes are guaranteed

  • Energy consumption is minimized without compromising comfort

Energy production

Energy production optimized to reduce consumption and in response to environmental conditions:


Demand-controlled heating attuned to ambient conditions:

Required heating energy is controlled as a function of weather conditions and distributed to consumers in rooms and HVAC plants

Close control of supply temperatures and optimum start-stop control (OSSC) ensure that heat is provided only when needed

Ventilation / Air Conditioning

Ventilation and air conditioning systems use intelligence to manage comfort efficiently. VAC system control guarantees comfort conditions while minimizing energy consumption with intelligent control algorithms.

Among these are controlled heat recovery, ventilation on demand as a function of CO2 content, or night cooling with outdoor air.