Less waste and higher quality

Sugar cane is a delicate natural product. It can lose considerable value before it is crushed in the mill because of unfavorable weather, such as rain, or merely as a result of cane yard storage. Therefore, to prevent cane quality losses from such factors, your sugar cane juice extractor must be able to prepare juice quickly and reliably.

That's why our systems for the sugar cane juice extractor unit are easy to operate, fast and absolutely reliable; they’re designed for use throughout your entire production process - for receiving, weighing and sampling - at the mill or diffuser and in the purification section. Our modular NAHMAT Packages for mill control provide pH control at the mill, and our proven SITRANS F flowmeters ensure smooth operation throughout the entire plant. Moreover, our advanced drive packages for cane carriers and the mills ensure smooth and trouble free commissioning and highest efficiency right from the first process step.When cooperating with Siemens in equipping your sugar cane juice extractor, the pay off is rapid processing, greater plant availability and improved efficiency. You can improve plant KPIs - such as extraction rates, downtime, or water usage - by up to 20% and ensure a positive RoI within a single crushing season.