Getting the most out of each cane

A few reasons why the costs of sugar cane production are rising include the higher quality demands in sugar cane processing; increasing diversity in the industry due either to co-generation or bio-ethanol production; and new pollution control regulations.

Siemens provides best-in-class solutions to meet these challenges in sugar cane production. Our solution packages are individually compiled to meet the needs of sugar cane processing, and will help you produce high-quality sugar every day of the crushing season with a minimum of energy consumption.

Sugar cane processing at its best

Our solutions for sugar cane processing are based on Siemens’ globally proven products and concepts such as Totally Integrated Automation and the SIMATIC PCS7 DCS standard. And with automation solutions like NAHMAT PCS 7, we can more effectively streamline your entire production process - from sugar extraction to the production of bio-ethanol - with less waste and consistently higher quality.

As a result, your sugar cane processing will be able to fulfill the demands of your customers as well as your shareholders. Significant steam savings and a major increase in quality, for example, can mean total amortization in less than one operating year. This is what we call efficient sugar cane processing.