The flexible way to greater efficiency

Sugar production plants are very complex - but, whether greenfield or established, they typically are not designed with end-to-end automation. Automation systems used in these operations must be flexible enough to accommodate numerous scenarios, which can range from automating individual process steps to complete complex systems. And these designs must be capable of meeting future expansion requirements.

NAHMAT PCS 7 meets all these demands. Through greater flexibility, enhanced transparency and openness, it ensures maximum efficiency throughout your plant’s life cycle.

From automation of a few batch pans to the complete plant, NAHMAT PCS 7 provides scalable performance for all aspects of your investment. Moreover, application packages for this system design also help optimize scaling system installation – up to and including corporate-wide IT structures.

Smaller distributed systems such as NAHMAT Pan Control or the control units for centrifugals, scales, filters and other machines, for example, are connected and integrated to the overall system.