Crystal clear advantages throughout the process

In the crystallization process, it is crucial to do the right thing at the right time with all actions based on accurate measured values for such variables as juice level, juice viscosity (Brix), heating steam pressure, juice chamber vacuum, temperature, or status of the drive and control units.

With NAHMAT Pan Control, the entire process is completely automated from drawing in the viscous juice to discharging the massecuite. The system processes all measured values in real time and calculates the output signals for the controllers. At the same time, the system monitors the nonlinear characteristic of the viscosity (Brix) measurement. The required value for the juice control output is taken from the boiling graph, which is assigned to the corresponding product and pan. Since the automatic pan boiling system of a crystallization pan can store several boiling curves, one pan can seamlessly crystallize different products in succession.

The result is a crystallization process with end-to-end efficiency and reproducible quality. And thanks to the system's open architecture, the plant can be automated in phases — to be extended at any time — beginning with the crystallization process since this is the key process for increased productivity and quality in every sugar factory worldwide.