Consistent, perfectly coordinated solutions

The process of making sugar crystals in itself is relatively simple. However, producing sugar crystals of a defined size in large volumes at all times requires solution packages that are proven to be capable of handling the process.

In quality control, automatically maintaining super-saturation and forming crystals reduces dependence on the human factor. But, it also ensures "sugar on demand" with every ton of produced sugar, whether in continuous vertical or horizontal pans, or in world-standard vacuum batch pans.

Maximum reliability and energy efficiency

We've equipped more than 1000 vacuum batch pans worldwide with our NAHMAT Pan Control based on NAHMAT PCS 7 and the global PLC standard SIMATIC S7. And thanks to our years of experience in AC drive technology, all of our drives for centrifugals are known for their maximum reliability and energy efficiency.

When it comes to crystallization, it's clear that partnering with Siemens is the right choice. From the power supply to controllers, you get consistent, perfectly coordinated solutions from a single source – for real benefits that pay off for your business.