Boosting beet sugar manufacturing quality, reducing costs

In beet sugar manufacturing today, the industry faces two requirements that seemingly contradict each other: The need to improve quality while reducing energy and work costs. And the only way to achieve both goals is with a maximum level of automation.

As a reliable partner with the beet sugar manufacturing industry - and with a special expertise in beet sugar manufacturing - Siemens has helped implement a massive modernization program for the beet sugar industry during the last 30 years. A major result was reduction energy consumption by more then 60 % while improving the quality of sugar produced. This dual achievement in beet sugar manufacturing was possible because of our advanced control and instrumentation strategies based on our comprehensive, end-to-end Totally Integrated Automation concept and use of our NAHMAT solution packages. Working in close partnership with our beet sugar manufacturing customers, we tailored these solutions to meet exactly the needs of beet sugar manufacturers.

Transparent and efficient beet sugar production

What can Siemens do for you? Our beet sugar production solutions will deliver completely transparent and efficient processes for your entire operation that can be specifically adjusted and controlled at any time. You get a solid foundation for achieving consistently high quality from a natural product – exactly the basis you need for sustained business success in beet sugar manufacturing.

Maintaining high standards in the beet sugar production industry also requires evaluation of the modernization possible to continued return on past investments. Plus, Siemens ensures that your investments in control or drive technology can be updated or modernized at any time – for optimum beet sugar production in years to come.