Low storage costs, optimal processes

Edible oil refineries face a dilemma:  They need to keep down storage costs while meeting continuous production demands. Crude oil not only has to be refined reliably and cost effectively, but it also must be loaded quickly and efficiently.

As a partner of many years with edible oil refineries, we can provide exactly the right solutions to meet your business challenges. For example, our SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system automates and optimizes all refinement process at edible oil refineries from receipt of crude oil, neutralization, deodorization and bleaching to final shipment of finished edible oils. It also enables monitoring of the entire process using flexible operating and observation systems. Data on energy consumption at edible oil refineries - such as deodorization process steam consumption - can be displayed, stored and analyzed. The delivery rate of critical centrifugal pumps is monitored, and maintenance scheduled.

In addition to the corresponding process instrumentation for use in edible oil refineries, we also provide products and solutions that automate parameter adjustments and efficient energy use. These include integrated solutions for building technologies in edible oil refineries such as ventilation control, fire protection and access control.

SIMATIC IT Unilab, our award-winning laboratory information management system, manages the necessary information for quality control and for exact recording of raw material at delivery to edible oil refineries. This system covers the entire workflow within the laboratory and can be integrated seamlessly into the quality management process. Test plans are generated automatically, while interfaces to the ERP system ensure that you always have access to reliable and current production data.

All of our products and solutions for edible oil refineries have several benefits in common: They ensure greater transparency and efficiency in the process, reduce operating costs, and document the quality of your products - all sustainably and reliably.