Achieving goals with perfectly coordinated processes

Whether it's milk, cream, butter, soured milk and yogurt, cream cheese and rennet cheese or concentrates and powders, you have to coordinate a large number of process steps en route to the end product. These include heating and cooling, adding cultures, homogenizing and fermenting. You also have to meet numerous simultaneous requirements, which include safe product quality, production optimization, and efficient process line utilization.

Throughout all of these responsibilities, we will be there to support you with our solutions that help you achieve your goals safely.

Our SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system and software tools with predefined functions provide you with processes that seamlessly integrate and operate economically. MES solutions also use dairy-specific engineering tools and support you with process expertise requiring minimal engineering effort. Further modules complete the range of offerings - from high-speed local area networks to high-end process instrumentation.

These allow us to provide you with solutions using optimally coordinated components, and allow you to react perfectly to unanticipated incidents and deal efficiently with all production challenges.