The integrated process control system specifically for your industry

The SIMATIC PCS 7 and the dairy-specific software concept let you carry out all the standard functions of dairy operations efficiently and throughout the complete process.

Safe material transfer

The Process Line Manager works on a job-specific basis. Therefore, this manager ensures that material transfers reach their goals safely and at the correct quality level. The individual jobs - recirculation, heating/cooling or mixing, for example - can be entered manually or run automatically using the SIMATIC PCS 7 recipe archive or a host system.

In order to ensure a reliable process, an internal plausibility check is carried out before the start of the job (1.) with the Tank Manager for the source and target tank, (2.) with the Pipe Module and optionally (3.) with the Route Control System.

If the Process Line Manager receives the go-ahead, it assigns a unique batch ID for all tanks and valves that are involved (to ensure efficient product traceability) and transfers all order-related data to the archive manager. These procedures conducted by the Process Line Manager ensure the process is reliable and provides support for efficient tracing.

Reliable tank management

The Tank Manager module of SIMATIC PCS 7 with Dairy Functional Toolset works closely with the Process Line Manager and our SIMATIC IT Unilab laboratory information management system. Together they monitor all the specifics relating to tanks and mixers – physical parameters, contents, all releases,relevant status information And CIP requirements.

Traceable material movements

The Archive Manager for SIMATIC PCS 7 with Dairy Functional Toolset records each individual material movement within the systems. When a transfer begins, all relevant information about the source - starting time, quantity reference value or destination - is stored in the user archive. At the end, the finishing time, quantity required and status are also stored. The process visualization allows monitoring and tracking of the corresponding material movements at all times. Host IT systems can also use the interfaces of  SIMATIC PCS 7 to access this data.

The same quality worldwide

If you want to bring innovative products to the market more quickly, then you must ensure consistent product specifications worldwide and at all times. The Interspec module acts as a complete product specification database for the company as a whole and creates ideal prerequisites for intelligent Product Lifecycle Management. It also enables product specifications to be exchanged and standardized on a global basis.