Changing batches more quickly and economically

By simply matching your production to suit the dynamics of today's consumer behavior, you can increase your flexibility while cutting the costs of recipe and job changeovers. We can supply the right systems for the job.

Flexible batch automation

Achieve flexibility and efficiency at the same time? Our SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system and SIMATIC Batch make both possible. No other system on the market allows products to be rescheduled so quickly and easily - whether large batches or small, traditional recipes or new ones - merely at the touch of a button. The innovative graphical recipe editor simplifies the creation and modification of recipes.

Efficient filling and packaging

To achieve more flexible filling and packaging, we provide another ideal solution using the standardized Optimized Packaging Line Totally Integrated Automation concept.

We can supply integrated motion control solutions for quick-and-easy setup and changeover of filling and packaging machines and lines. For example, with our SIMOTION motion control system and standardized software modules, now you can switch over to new products or formats at the touch of a button.