For a clean brewing process

The "Reinheitsgebot" not only applies to the beer, but also to the process components through which the beer flows during manufacturing. Hygiene and cleanliness are top priorities here, and we can help you achieve this with a wide range of intelligent and economical solutions for cleaning-in-place.

Using our sensors and automation components for Cleaning-in-place is the most effective way of keeping production units, tanks and pipes clean for the brewing process. We provide a wide range of tried and tested sensors and automation components for cleaning-in-place whether you use caustic soda as a 'default' cleaning product, acids to remove solid deposits and neutralize caustic soda residues, or quaternary ammonium compounds or acetic acids for sterilization.

More productive utilities

Utilities play an important role in determining the profitability of beer production. They provide the basics for production, offer cost cutting potential, and can provide many opportunities for optimizing processes.

To help you make the most of these benefit opportunities, we have a wide range of proven, innovative solutions for controlling and optimizing your utilities. These include systems for treating brewing water and wastewater; intelligent solutions for supplying compressed air, steam or CO2; energy-efficient cooling systems; and consistently stable power supply networks.