Simple and transparent brewery process management

The BRAUMAT classic dedicated process control system offers all the necessary brewing functions and standards.

This user-friendly system visualizes the complex processes of beer production on a modern user interface with faceplates, for example, for valves, pumps, measured values or controllers. Loop-in-alarm functions help the operator to go directly from the message to the associated process screen, enabling him to quickly pinpoint and correct faults.

The fully graphic recipe and batch system complies with international standard ANSI/ISAS88.01. Functions such as skips, synchronizations and alternatives facilitate simple recipe creation even for complex sequences.

In addition to controlling and monitoring complex CIP loops, the route control system allows simple interlinking of all route systems within the beer production process and is redundant in design.

Extensive engineering and test tools provide the necessary transparency and assist operators and technicians in all areas of production, maintenance and service. Online engineering allows changes and additions from any operator station without interrupting production.