High productivity for a bright future.

In the age of globalization, optimum plant performance and comprehensive process safety are decisive factors in ensuring success. We support you with sound process know-how, scalable products and integrated communication.

The key to top performance and hence to increased productivity is the seamless integration of all tools in the process control system. This increases plant availability, profitability, and opens up new growth potential. Tools such as performance screening and advanced process control (APC) – both part of the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system – help you to boost process optimization. COMOS supports you in the engineering process, in the planning of automation and energy supply, in asset management, as well as in documentation and project management. Our simulation and modelling solutions allow you to test plant scenarios and changes in software virtually, online and independently of plant operation. Operational staff can be trained and regularly upskilled, allowing them to respond to incidents quickly and effectively.

The goal: Ultimate plant safety

We integrate plant safety engineering into your business processes and offer key solutions from plant monitoring and fire protection to communication technology and access control. An important part of our integrated safety concept is our safety lifecycle engineering tool, SIMATIC Safety Matrix. Safety applications are configured hassle-free on a cause-and-effect basis. You benefit from the reduced effort involved in engineering, commissioning and maintenance.

Maximal plant availability in the chemical industry

Our process control system SIMATIC PCS 7 maintains a stable and faultless production – 24/365. The operating company INEOS Phenol performed the conversion to SIMATIC PCS 7 without downtime – and with maximal efficiency.