Products, systems and services for the production of lacquers and paints

Solutions for a reliable and fault-tolerant process control

The production of lacquers and paints in large and small batches requires extreme flexibility. Siemens has the necessary tools in order to be able to react to the market requirements and legal boundary conditions. As a long-time partner of the color chemical industry, we offer a wide range of products which is precisely tailored to your needs. It encompasses modular automation solutions from the SIMATIC family for various performance ranges: from controllers and panels for operator control and monitoring to the process control system with a large number of add-ons such as for energy and asset management.

The flexible production methods and the large number of secondary processes are supported, for example, by Fast First Batch, MES/ERP, Route Control, Simulation or Motion Control. Thanks to performance monitoring and integrated measured value documentation, our solutions not only support cost-effective but also sustained operations management, e.g. in the reduction of emissions, steam, current, water, solvents, or other residues. Precise measuring systems and reliable analytical systems ensure maximum purity and quality along with the redundancy and drive concepts for scalable safety with maximum availability. All of the key components come from our own development and production and are interconnected on the basis of Totally Integrated Automation. This seamless exchange of information and the integrated communication and transparency at all levels serve as the basis for optimized process management and improved plant efficiency in the production of paints and lacquers.