Manufacturing Execution System


For the tire industry: centralized and uniform data management

Our MES solutions based on SIMATIC IT enable faster reaction to market changes. Processes can be made visible throughout the entire plant, manufacturing workflows can be synchronized, business decisions can be evaluated on the basis of real-time data and innovations, such as the development of a new type of tire, can be efficiently implemented. What is more, the integration of tracking and tracing functionality ensures complete traceability of tires, thereby giving you access to the production parameters of a specific tire whenever you need it.

More benefits all along the line

Our MES solutions are a part of the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) open system architecture. The unique consistency on offer ensures perfect interaction among all components, thus creating the conditions needed for highly efficient, flexible and therefore productive tire manufacturing. For example, mixing recipes are highly sensitive corporate data, the core competence of any tire manufacturer as it were, and they call for increased security and transparency with respect to access possibilities and access authorizations in the tire manufacturing process.