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Solutions for the polysilicon production process

The challenges involved in producing polysilicon are multi-faceted. Are you planning a new "greenfield" plant, do you have to expand your existing plant and increase its capacities, or are you a supplier and need a reliable system partner as a reactor builder? Siemens can support you in each scenario. We offer a full range of products, systems and services, from electrical equipment, gas analyzers and communication systems to automation of the production process. For Siemens reactors, we supply the complete range of products for controlling and regulating the process, as well as important power supply components. Our certified "busbar" rail distribution systems, specially designed SIVACON 8PS busbar for medium and low voltage, ensure a safe and compact connection between the transformer, thyristor and reactor. The GEAFOL cast resin transformers ensure the continuous infeed of power to the reactors with the required flexible current or voltage supply, for the utmost electrical safety and, at the same time, for the consistent quality and purity of the polysilicon. Our SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system controls the entire polysilicon production process, the actuators and sensors, and all of the electrical components, including the thyristor. The delivery kit includes the following: a comprehensive library with industry-specific "function blocks," Safety Integrated through FMR (Flexible Modular Redundancy) and ESD (Emergency Shut-Down), central, plant-wide engineering, and standardized communication tools from the field level to the MES/ERP level. The core product for online analytics is our MAXUM ed. II process gas chromatograph. It measures the quality of the gas at the gas infeed, at the gas return in the Vent Gas Recovery Unit, and during the production of trichlorosilane (TCS). It is therefore used to increase the quality of the end product. It is designed for harsh environments, ex-protected, low-maintenance and, of course, completely integrated in SIMATIC PCS 7 for maximum data transparency.

Our solutions guarantee you maximum safety and availability in the manufacturing of polysilicon, in no small part thanks to the ruggedness of the Siemens components and, in particular, the capability of integrating them with third-party suppliers. The intelligent procedure for increasing the process yield and energy efficiency, and the comprehensive quality monitoring are the basis for high performance and reduced TCO. And because we look at productivity as part of Life-Cycle Management, we support you with targeted updates, expansions and modernizations for the next step to greater performance, e.g. when your existing plant reaches its performance limits. Siemens is at your side as a partner who understands the specific requirements of polysilicon manufacturing. However, the Siemens portfolio is far more comprehensive and encompasses the entire photovoltaic value-added chain. If need be, please also have a look at our downstream solutions for the glass and solar industry.