Products, systems and services for the chemical industry

More value added along the entire process chain for polymer production

The ever increasing competition and constant price pressure make increased system performance and profit optimization the deciding success factors in the chemical industry. Efficient process control and plant optimization play a decisive role in the manufacturing of plastics and their most important representatives such a polymers and polyolefins. The extreme environmental conditions involved in polymerization, such as high temperature, high pressure, rapid reactions and risk of explosion require optimal process control and a high degree of safety along the entire process chain. Siemens is a partner you can rely on in each phase of the project, regardless of whether you are the end customer, licenser, or EPC. With process expertise, an international organizational structure, and experience in chemical plant automation, we ensure the highest degree of availability.

With our drive, measurement and process control systems, which can also be used in safety-critical areas and hazardous (EX) zones, you not only have resources, production and quality under control, but you can also constantly optimize the process through, for example, performance screening, Advanced Process Control, and energy management. With our simulation solutions, the engineering and commissioning (FAT) can be accelerated and changes can be tested virtually, without having to intervene during operation. Costs can also be reduced and productivity can be increased with the integration of field devices such as motors, process instruments, or analyzers.

The plant-wide engineering reduces the configuration overhead due to fewer interfaces and standardized bus systems. The diagnostics and communications capability of the system components allows timely maintenance thanks to, for example, Asset Management, Mondition Monitoring, or condition-based maintenance. With our lifecycle concepts (Life-Cycle-Approach), you can rest assured from the beginning that you will be saving costs over the long run in all of your projects, regardless of whether it is the main process, the ancillary systems, or the infrastructure measures. This is because we always design our automation and energy solutions in such a way that investments, operating costs, and future updates are always optimized in relationship to one another. They are open for the future and provide calculable innovation cycles and investment protection throughout the entire lifecycle of your chemical plant. In this way, we are creating the basis for outstanding profits in polymer production with TIA, TIP, and cooperation with our partners.