Automation of laboratory processes in the chemical industry

Improved time-to-market and cost-effectiveness in the laboratory

Nowadays, the laboratory opens the way to consistent product quality, optimized production processes, and the development of new processes and products. Flexibility and the integration of the laboratory automation therefore play a key role in the efficiency of your laboratory. Our portfolio includes laboratory automation systems, engineering services, and the seamless integration of laboratories into higher-level control systems. With Siemens laboratory solutions, you optimize your research and development processes, because you can meet regulatory requirements more easily, and shorten the time-to-market through greater efficiency in the laboratory. If the R&D information is also available in the production without restrictions, this transparency also helps you saving money and improving the cost-effectiveness of your entire chemical plant.

SIMATIC PCS 7 LAB – control technology for use in the laboratory

With SIMATIC PCS7 LAB, we support your laboratory processes with a tailor-made laboratory automation system. It is based on proven components of the SIMATIC family, and is optimally designed to meet the requirements of modern laboratories. SIMATIC PCS 7 LAB is compact, modular and flexible in installation, modification and commissioning. The integrated control technology not only makes it easier to monitor and control reactions in every part of your laboratory, by means of export functions SIMATIC PCS 7 LAB also simplifies the recording and evaluation of measured data, such as the logging in a laboratory journal. SIMATIC PCS 7 turns your laboratory into a success factor of your value chain: higher efficiency in the laboratory automation, greater flexibility in the development of processes, easier up-scaling from engineering through pilot plants up to production scale.

SIMATIC IT – management software for quality assurance

SIMATIC IT provides you with a reliable basis for decision making by reducing interface losses during the transition from development to production, optimizing the quality management, and providing reliable documentation. The SIMATIC IT R&D suite supports product developments from the initiation of an R&D project up to the final specification before the start of production. SIMATIC IT Unilab, our integrated laboratory information management system (LIMS), covers your entire laboratory workflow, the collection and analysis of samples, validation, and reporting to authorized entities. It also offers functions for monitoring important rules and legal regulations, as well as for providing electronic signatures and documentary evidence.

Siemens laboratory solutions shorten the route from the initial idea to the finished product, and are the best starting point for the long-term success of your chemical company.